Monday, February 14, 2011

Come d'Incanto 2009, Cantine Carpentiere

I'm taking a bit of a punt including this in the blog as I don't know if it's natural. The winelist at the Opera Tavern, a new wine bar where I tasted it the other day, said it was 'organic' and 'natural style' but it doesn't yet have its wine list up and I can't find any reference to how it's made on the producer's website or elsewhere on the net.

It tasted natural though. I can imagine some of you reading this saying 'huh - what does she mean by that?' Well it had a really distinctive quince fruit flavour - quite rich, spicy and earthy, no obvious commercial yeasts I'd have said or artificial-tasting acidity.

It's made down in Puglia from a dark-skinned grape called Uva di Troia so the wine has that slight pink-tinged colour you sometimes get in a blanc de noirs.

It also has the zany sort of label that natural winemakers like to put on their bottles.

Anyway I enjoyed it and it went very well with a selection of tapas including some Gorgonzola and date croquetas.

If you know more about it do tell me.

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  1. Hi, have you found anywhere to buy this wine yet in the UK?