Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Olivier Cousin must wait till March to learn his fate

Photo by Jim Budd
Those who follow this blog probably already know this news but the decision on Olivier Cousin's high profile case has been put back until March 5th next year.

If you remember Cousin was taken to court by the authorities for using the letters AOC - Anjou Olivier Cousin - on his labels, a gesture against the AOC (Appelation d'Origine Controlée) system.

It's amazing how anyone has the time and energy to pursue this matter - and the lack of judgement. As a figurehead for small artisanal winemakers Olivier has attracted a lot of support both inside and outside France.

To see in more detail what's been happening read Jim Budd's Jim's Loire - always doggedly on the case, Betrand Celce's excellent post on Wine Terroirs which has great pictures of the picnic which took place outside the courtroom and this reflective post from American natural wine importers Jenny & François.

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