Thursday, December 9, 2010

Domaine L’Anglore Terre d’Ombre 2008

This is one of the most amazing reds I’ve tasted this year made by Eric Pfifferling just outside Tavel. Not being rosé and being a mono-cepage it classifies as a vin de table but it doesn’t taste anything like you’d expect from a southern-Rhone grenache-based red. It’s far lighter (only 12.5%) and more perfumed - more like a Pinot Noir but a strange, exotic, floral, pinot that tastes of Turkish Delight and smells of deep red roses.

Pfifferling’s vineyards are farmed organically and he uses no artificial yeasts, enzymes or sulphites once the grapes are harvested. Apparently he used to be a bee-keeper. I can’t find the exact reference but my OH (who is deeply into natural wine) said he’d read that Pfifferling commented that you can’t control bees and shouldn’t try to control wine.

The only downside is that it’s almost impossible to get hold of. Caves de Pyrène which imports it has sold out of both the 2008s and ‘09 though it still appears to be on the list at their restaurant Terroirs. claims to have it for £96.59 for a case of six but may have equal difficulty sourcing it as they apparently don’t order a wine until they get an order themselves. And the Three Coqs in Bristol has it on their wine list at the time of writing. If you find it order it!

I've just discovered from the very helpful Mitchell Rabinowitz on Twitter that there are three shops in New York that stock Pfifferling's wines. Astor Wines and Chambers Street Wines have his Tavel and Cuvée des Traverses and De Vino's has his Cuvée de la Pierre Chaude


  1. I've heard Grenache described as the Pinot Noir of the South, although personally I would nominate Cinsault.

  2. I agree about grenache being the pinot noir of the south. I can still remember vividly a Dom. Aigueliere Grenat Montpeyroux from a few years ago which was all perfume and silk.

  3. I know that wine! We used to buy from them regularly (their Côte Rousse and Côte Dorée) but felt over recent years their wines have become a bit Parkerised.

  4. Lots of new oak masking the fragrance? That is a shame.