Thursday, March 17, 2011

Natural wine festivals

One of the most endearing aspects of the natural wine movement is the number of natural wine festivals it seems to spawn. I keep coming across them - regretfully as for the most part I can't make them.

The one I'd particularly like to go to is Vini Circus which takes place in Rennes from the 15th-18th of April and includes most of France's big names. I'm particularly sorry to miss the sessions on how natural wines inspire chefs. There also seem to be two splendid repas de vignerons using local produce from the Rennes markets, a couple of concerts and various artists showing their work. It all seems very joyous and celebratory - a far cry from the formal masterclasses at so many wine events (though there are debates which I imagine will be lively). They've even invited brewers and cidermakers along.

I hope the London Natural Wine Fair which takes place from the 15th-17th May will be as all-embracing.

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