Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rouge Soif, Vin de Pays de Caux

I like the idea of a vin de soif though in truth many more wines ought to be thirstquenching than are currently.

We ordered this at the wine bar and shop at the Taverne du Port in Marseillan which sadly seems to have cut down on the number of natural wines it sells since we were there a month or so ago.

It comes from Domaine Clos Louis in Nizas and is classified as a Vin de Pays de Caux. It's surprisingly bright and fruity for a 2005 vintage - and lively for 100% Carignan which I generally think works better in a blend.

Again, it's not expensive (7€ at the Taverne, 6€ online from a Pezenas wine shop Le Nez dans le Verre) and at only 12.5% not too high in alcohol. The label says it contains sulphur but I wouldn't think much.

Le Nez dans le Verre recommends it with rabbit with prunes which I reckon would be a great pairing although the producer reckons it goes with everything from fish to foie gras (as they do).

Not certified organic or classified as natural but it tastes it.


  1. Interesting, this was the house wine (read cheapest wine) at the restaurant L'Entre Pot in Pezenas when we last went in Nov-2008. Recall it was pleasant enough, but somewhat expensive at 20€ - especially as the restaurant would have paid well under 5€ for it at the time. One of the reasons we haven't returned.

  2. I think we were charged 15€ for drinking it in the bar which seemed reasonable enough.