Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Le Pichenouille, Maury

Another good natural wine bar and shop, this time in Maury, run by negociant Jean Pla - or it was when we went there on Saturday. Apparently he’s handing over to someone else this week.

Unlike the Xadic del Mar Le Pichenouille is more of a restaurant with two long shared tables, one inside and one outside. The menu is simpe with a choice of 2 dishes - 15€ for two courses 19.50€ for three.

The food is simple but well cooked and based on good ingredients - I had a tartine of goats cheese, my husband serrano ham and pan con tomate then we both had slow braised pig’s cheek which went well with a dark brambly Clos d’Origine Les Quilles Libres (l’equilibre - geddit?), a local, organic blend of grenache, syrah and carignan we picked off the shelves for 20€. (They list wine at the same price they sell it in the shop.)

Despite the fact they decanted it it had some pretty tough tannins though was fine with the pork - and better still when we drank it, lightly chilled, the following day.

33, ave Jean Jaurès, 66460 Maury.
Tel: 04 68 59 02 18

Incidentally it was thanks to this guide by Michel Tuz and Alice Feiring which lists both natural wine producers and wine bars that we found the Xadic del Mar and the Pichenouille. Well worth getting if you're travelling around France.


  1. Fiona, you describe Jean Pla as “négociant”, which is true. But the man has other tricks up his sleeve. He is a man of many talents and difficult to classify. Some dislike him here only because of that: the French like to categorize things and people. I heard from you he’s handing over – I’m not really into gossip, by nature – proof to what I just said.
    May I take advantage to publicize the event “Les Amorioles” in Maury on May 29th?
    It is a 6 km walk (“Gourmet stroll”) through the Maury vineyards, including six halts where food can be had (starters, main courses, cheese and sweet), prepared by Michelin-rated chef Pascal Borell, and over 35 local wines tasted. It ends almost opposite “Le Pichenouille” and my very own Vin Doux Naturel will be there for tasting (as well as something chocolatey!).
    Info: www.maury-village.com

  2. You're welcome to and I wish I was going to be there!