Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fête du Vin, Chassignolles - small but perfect

There was music. There was dancing. There were three days of feasting - and of course there was wine - litres of it! The tiny fête du vin the the Auvergne village of Chassignolles two weekends agom masterminded by the owners of the auberge Harry Lester and Ali Johnson, was as good as it gets. The pictures say it all . . .

The eve of fête feast with the winemakers and helpers. Centrepiece - roast lamb with spelt.

The lunch menu at the fête - note the franglais translation of hot dogs. The tripe was ladled out of a giant cauldron (below). Enjoyed less by me, I must confess, than one local habitué on the terrace.

The resident artist . . .

1368 Cerro las Monjas from Spanish natural wine producer Barranco Oscuro

Photographer Jason Lowe enjoying a swig

René Mosse

Another natural winemaker - can't recall who. The slogan on his T-shirt reads "After midnight I'll be different."

The musicians tuning up.

The evening's feast for 200. A fantastic five course meal of paté, soup, grilled beef and gratin dauphinois, cheese and chocolate tart.

Lunch the next day. (Alain Castex of the wonderful Casot de Maiolles standing). Another 5 courser: scrambled eggs with girolles, pea and broad bean soup, roast chicken with purée, cheese and apricot tart. All for 25€.

And finally the lovely fête posters.

If this hasn't sated your appetite for photos of the event you'll find more on my Flickr stream here and more pictures of the Auberge and the surrounding countryside here.


  1. Lovely pictures, they're making me hungry!

  2. "After midnight I'll be different."

    Heh, that reminds me of the writer James Baldwin's quote...

    "At four o’clock in the morning, when everyone is drunk enough, then extraordinary things can happen."

  3. Some great news about Auberge de Chassignolles: